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Concrete Staining and Stamped Concrete

Concrete Staining - Epoxy And Metallic Staining

Many people in Spring have concrete floors in their homes or places of work and are wondering what to do with them. Many people opt for carpets, wood paneling, or tile but there are quite a few advantages in keeping the concrete floor. "But concrete floors are not attractive" you may say. Well, we will agree with you there. A plain concrete floor is quite drab, but the right stain will change all of that. Available in a variety of colors, staining your concrete floor allows you all the benefits of concrete and more.

Great durability: Concrete is an extremely tough substance that will not warp, buckle, become loose, or rot like other floor coverings. A stained concrete floor is inflammable, has excellent water resistance, and the finish is resistant to fading from ultraviolet light. Basically, unless someone tries to damage it with a power tool or a hammer, the stain and concrete will stay as it is.

Energy saving: Thermal mass is when a substance has the property to absorb, store, and slowly release coolness and heat. Concrete has a high thermal mass rating which cannot be taken advantage of fully if the floor has a covering. It is estimated that a stained concrete floor saves you 15% to 26% annually on your heating bill (depending on the amount of concrete flooring you have on the premises).

Low maintenance: Usually a sweep or a mop is all you need to keep the floor looking great. Unlike wood floors, stained concrete does not need to have wax removed and then reapplied, a time consuming process. All it takes is a quick, and infrequent, buffing, which usually takes 10 to 15 minutes for 1,500 square feet.

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We provide in-home estimates and warranty all of our work for a minimum of one year.

Houston Stamped Concrete

There is nothing like the beauty of nature; admiring the first signs of spring, taking in the fresh air, and watching the sunset over Houston. But, if you don't have an outdoor living space where you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors, such splendors can go unnoticed. Why not extend your living area to the exterior of your property? We at BAG Remodelers, Inc. can help! Our team of skilled craftsman has provided unique, custom patios to the people of Houston for many years. If you are in Houston or the surrounding areas and desire an inviting, outdoor patio where you can reflect on the beauty of nature, host barbeques, or relax poolside, please do not hesitate to contact BAG Remodelers, Inc. today for a free estimate. What is stamped concrete?

Before concrete dries, a decorative stamp is pressed into the surface. These stamps are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can mimic the look of other stones such as brick, slate, and flagstone. By mixing and matching different decorative stamps, and by adding color enhancements to concrete, we at BAG Remodelers, Inc. are able to create extraordinary, one-of-a-kind patterns.

Is Stamped Concrete Long Lasting?

Yes, with the proper maintenance stamped concrete can last for many years. However, concrete is still concrete, meaning it is susceptible to crack and deteriorate. Before leaving your Houston home our team will be sure to let you know what you should do and what you should avoid to extend the life of your stamped concrete. Salt, for example, eats away at concrete and therefore shouldn't be used as a means to melt snow or ice.

We provide in-home estimates and warranty all of our work for a minimum of one year.