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B.A.G. Remodelers, Inc. Your A+ Rated Polished Concrete and Masonry Contractor in Houston.

There is always something very appealing about polished concrete and masonry work. Perhaps it is because it is one of the oldest forms of construction and that the only structures left to us from thousands of years ago are works of concrete and masonry. Maybe it is due to masonry having so many benefits. For instance, masonry is:

  • Fire-resistant
  • Weather-resistant
  • Termite-resistant
  • Soundproofing
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly

Hey, maybe it is just to that our polished concrete and masonry can’t be blown away by the wolf or toughest weather. Whatever the reason is, B.A.G. Remodelers, Inc. is here to provide the people of Houston with polished concrete work that they can be proud of. Please see our photo gallery under floors to view a sample of our polished concrete flooring.

Custom Concrete: Creativity Made to Last

When people think of concrete they typically think of plain sidewalks, driveways, and concrete blocks. To the contrary, concrete is an extremely versatile material that can be used to create many different styles. We at B.A.G. Remodelers, Inc. love working on custom concrete projects: it allows our team and our customers to flex their creative muscles. With different colors and a wide array of concrete stamps and polished concrete options, there are nearly infinite possibilities for flooring when it comes to custom concrete.

Do you have an idea for your Houston home or business but need some help figuring out the details? Not a problem. Give B.A.G. Remodelers, Inc. a call and we will help you solidify your custom concrete ideas by discussing your ideas and the natural layout of the property.

Commitment to Our Clients

We understand that our Houston community members are budgeting carefully when deciding where to spend their hard earned cash and when it comes to advertising. We are very proud of our reputation. The people of Houston have trusted our business to enhance their homes and businesses for over 30 years. We equate our rating to our never-ending learning process – so that we can offer our Houston clients the latest in concrete and masonry work. We thank our clients for our 30 years of success and look forward to helping you with your next project.

We provide free in-home estimates and warranty all of our work for a minimum of one year.