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Room Additions

Your Houston area home may be beautiful and comfortable, but is it big enough? Are you expecting a new addition to the family? Do you have a home office where you can get work done in peace and quiet? Have you enough room for guests or relatives that come to visit? Have you always wanted a room in your home you could refer to as the library or the study? If any of these ideas appeal to you, then B.A.G. Remodelers is here to make it happen.

With experience in both commercial and residential remodeling, we have done many larger remodeling projects that include room additions, or the remodeling of existing spaces to open floor plans. In remodeling your home, we work closing with you to understand your remodeling preferences.

B.A.G. Remodelers has the expertise and skills necessary to manage and oversee your entire remodeling project from start to finish. We oversee each detail when remodeling your home.

You may have thoughts about features you want or a style you envision in the finished result of your remodeling project. After reviewing these needs with you, we will provide you with a comprehensive plan and design that incorporates your remodeling ideas and desires.

1. You have the assurance of knowing that you’ve hired a remodeling expert with the skills necessary to plan and design your project. Remodeling projects that involve adding a room onto your home must adhere to local building codes to meet health and safety codes. We understand these regulations and will ensure that your project meets the codes.

2. In some cases, excavation might be necessary for a ground level room addition. To add additional stories to a structure, stabilizing work must occur first. We possess the expertise necessary to complete the remodeling site preparation correctly.

3. If you’re outgrowing your current home, a room addition can resolve your space issues without necessitating an expensive and inconvenient move. Remodeling your home to create more space for living or storage can increase the value of your home and make it more attractive for prospective buyers if you do decide to sell later.

Our team of construction and remodeling professionals can build an addition to your home to give you the extra room(s) you need. With 30 years in the industry B.A.G. Remodelers can help you plan the new section of your home so that it will add value and functionality to your property. Being a complete home remodeling company we take you from any design idea, to architectural planning, permitting, and final construction.

Your new addition will fit in seamlessly with the existing structure of your home, giving passersby the idea that your home was always so spacious.

Looking for a project that is a bit more economical than adding a new addition? Not a problem! Our team of professional, personable and highly trained remodelers can also redesign that kitchen, bathroom, or living area to make life around your home more enjoyable.

We provide in-home estimates and warranty all of our work for a minimum of one year.

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