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Asphalt Installation

Efficient Pavers For Residential And Commercial Clients

Asphalt paving was added to our core services in 1999 and has proven to be a good fit for BAG Remodelers, Inc. Equipped with an additional layer of expertise, we can now competitively offer general contracting as a complete package from start to finish. In our paving fleet we have a range of Caterpillar equipment that gives us the flexibility to handle any asphalt paving project from a small trail project to large parking lots, subdivisions, or municipal projects. We are one of the trusted paving companies in Kingwood. Reach out to us for all your paving needs. Our team strives to offer you services as per your expectations.

Paving Company With A Reputation For Quality And Integrity

We have always strived toward providing quality assurance and the highest level of service. We believe in relationship contracting to better serve our clients, and we have successfully developed many repeat customers as a result of our service and quality of work. We have established excellent relationships with our key suppliers that we rely on in order to provide asphalt to any specification set forth.

By having quality asphalt suppliers that have continually proven to meet the supply specifications, we have been able to concentrate on our crew's quality assurance and production. Our asphalt crew works very closely with our base and gravel crews in order to effectively deliver the complete hard surface package to meet our client's needs, from excavation to cement stabilization to paving.

How To Care For Your New Parking Lot?

It is essential to care for your asphalt parking lot to extend its lifespan and maintain the aesthetics of your Residential space. Here are a few maintenance tips to follow:

  • Avoid Vehicle Traffic: Keep vehicle traffic away from your newly built asphalt parking lot for 24 hours or more. It takes eight to 12 months for asphalt to dry completely.
  • Water Your Asphalt Pavement: Water your new asphalt parking lot to cure and harden its surface.
  • Apply Sealcoating: Seal coat your asphalt surface every two to four years based on the traffic. Sealcoating not only prolongs the life of your driveway but also enhances its appearance.
  • Repair Damaged Areas: You must repair damaged surface as gas and motor oil can penetrate through asphalt.

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