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Asphalt Repair

Avoid costly repairs and replacements for your asphalt surfaces with help from BAG Remodelers, Inc. in Cypress. Our asphalt repairs extend to commercial, municipal, and industrial properties in need of assistance for their parking lots and other asphalt surfaces. By choosing asphalt maintenance, save money and lower the frequency of more costly repairs such as complete replacement or patching.

Methods To Make Your Asphalt Surface Smooth And Even

To get your asphalt surface smooth and even, we may employ any of the following asphalt repair services:

  • Crack Filler Repair: Using liquid crack fillers, small repairs to your asphalt can be completed with ease. This is best used for cracks that are between ¼ and ½ of an inch wide. Often, these cracks don't indicate further damage and therefore allow for a quick and inexpensive fix.
  • Sealcoating: Sealcoat is a pavement sealer designed especially for asphalt surfaces. Being a petroleum-based product, other petroleum products such as oil and gasoline can react with the surface and cause damage. Seal is a protective coating to help extend the life of your pavement by slowing down the degradation process from these materials.
  • Stain Removal: When left without treatment, oil stains can cause damage to the top layers of your asphalt and not properly adhere to a sealcoat. The damage is cleaned by burning off the excess oil and then topped with a sealant to allow for sealcoat to adhere to the pavement properly.

What Causes Asphalt Damage?

Diagnosing the cause of your faulty asphalt can help avoid further issues. Our team can help figure out the root cause of your problem including:

  • Water: When water and snow settle on top of asphalt, it can cause initial cracks. It may also settle into already formed cracks and create further damage. Poor drainage and weather damage are frequent culprits of asphalt repair due to the nature of Cypress's climate.
  • Heavy Traffic: With heavy usage, every product is expected to deteriorate over time. Consistent stress on your asphalt can lead to different cracks and potholes. Excessive load issues are often unavoidable.
  • Oxidation: As oxidation occurs, the asphalt may break down and become more rigid. This lack of flexibility can make your asphalt more susceptible to cracks.
  • UV Rays: Constant exposure to the sun's UV rays can break down asphalt binder, and in turn, can turn your pavement brittle, one of the major causes of loose gravel.
  • Earth Settlements: We have no control over what goes on underneath our feet. As the earth settles and shifts over the time, your asphalt can become uneven causing dips and cracks. Tree roots are also a common culprit of issues.
  • Construction issues: A substandard initial installation of your asphalt pavement often causes later issues. A weak mixture, an uneven spread, or poor layering can be the cause for cracks and uneven surfaces.
  • Oil stains: Leaks from parked cars can seep into the asphalt and affect the top layers. If the oil sits for too long, it may be difficult to remove or repair.

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